Ancient Japan

By: Sarah, Liz, and Evan


Japan is an archipelago located above the ring of fire. It has lots of volcanic activities and tsunamis. It's also very mountainous with 4/5 of it covered in mountains. It has a mild climate. It's 100 miles away from China, therefor making it hard for China to conquer. Seas also protect it from invaders in ancient times and isolates it from other influences aside from China.

Society of Ancient Japan

Like many other civilizations, Japan had split up their society into different groups such as The Noble Class, The Common Man or Peasant, and Merchants. The Noble Class were considered to be the the best including people such as the King or Emperor, the Daimyo (A great lord) and the Samurais (warriors). The Common Man included artisans and farmers of such. Finally the rest were merchants.
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Interesting Facts

China had a large influence on Japan starting with Prince Shotoku with sending people. Took ideas like bureaucracy/royal court, Zen Buddhism, tea, etc. Nara (city in Japan) dressed and spoke like Chinese. Also had a great statue of Buddha. Following this in 800s, they followed Confucian. Established Heian Court with elegant and sophisticated people more interested in social intrigue than government. This time was also responsible for their best known writer who was a woman who wrote The Tale of Genji.
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