The Wolf Howl

Week of 2/8/16

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February is an action-packed month! It is sure to fly by as we whirl through activities and meetings. I find that this month is a time that we all need to encourage each other with positivity and cheerfulness. I encourage you to take the time to write a positive email, send a nice note, leave a little treat, and spread those smiles around to your colleagues. It is just as easy to pull people up with kindness as to bring them down with whining, so let's work together to spread love in February!

Benchmarks are Coming!

Benchmarks are coming soon- February 9 and 11! We are working to make sure that the information that we get from the benchmarks is usable and will help us in our goal to pinpoint the final needs prior to testing. Every teacher and staff member should care about testing -- it is a huge way that our school is judged. We appreciate all of us pulling together to take the time for two four-hour benchmarks.

Brendon will send out the afternoon schedule for both days.

A Few Reminders About Mornings...

Some gentle nudges...

*Please be on time for duty, and be vigilant in monitoring.

*The morning library time is QUIET - teachers in the library should actively monitor for quiet learning. Students who want to talk can go to the SAC or Lecture Hall.

*Students (not teachers) in the SAC in the mornings MUST sit down.

*While many are not on duty on any given morning, please be observant as you walk to and from your room. Shoo students who are lingering to their respective morning areas. Don't just walk by and ignore students in the hallway.

Clubs Start Feb. 12

I will be posting club lists on Tuesday for the clubs to begin on February 12. Please check with students in your Wolf Time to make sure they have a club prior to the 12th. I don't want the students to waste one of the four sessions trying to get signed up!
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Wolf Howls

Raquel sends an "agradecido" Howl to Ilia for jumping right in and quickly making her self as part of the team! She is awesome!

Brooke gives a huge shout out to Amy Dieterich who had to deal with a difficult situation this week. She handled it gracefully and was super positive! Brooke has really enjoyed working with Amy this year!

Raquel sends a Super HOWL to Nurse Flowers for being attentive, calm and super professional when circumstances are difficult!

Jennifer S. sends a HUGE Wolf Howl to Renee for being a team player and stepping in to teach other classes!

Brooke howls with a Huge shout out to Tabetha, Rachel, Nikki, and Nate for their support this week with basketball. It's been a though week with player injuries and illness and they have been very positive and helpful!

Lisa D. gives a big math howl to Elizabeth and Sherri for helping with the math benchmark creation and copying!! And to Bridget for her indispensable help!!

Amy D. sends a Wolf Howl to Stephanie C. for helping them with the 7th grade field trip!

Jennifer S. sends a LOUD howl to Trish for organizing and cataloging hundreds of microscope slides!! That will be so useful to the team!

Amber gives a Wolf Howl Thanks to Sherri Golliver for sharing her awesome notes and practice for our Transformations unit. She made planning for this unit so easy!!!

Amy D. sends a Wolf Howl to Jaime L. for her Blind Date with a Book. The kids are all talking about it. What a great way to make reading and choosing a book exciting!

Mary Anne gives Lisa Grimes a loud howl for going over the student voice survey results and giving great insight!

Lisa D. howls for the 7th grade SS team - Brooke, Amy, Jason, and Dave - for working so hard to plan the 7th grade field trip to the Bush Presidential Library. They are working as a team in every aspect for the good of our Wolves!

Alex howls for benchmark elves: Brendon for jumping in and creating the benchmark testing schedules; Megan for helping to sort the Reading benchmarks; Elizabeth and Sherri for stepping in and taking the lead on the Math benchmarks (an all day event!)

Mary Anne gives Vickie Thompson a big wolf howl for helping her during the 8th grade panoramic photo!

Alex gives Bridget a HUGE howl for being a trooper on the copier!

Sarah gives Jason D a big howl for taking care of our Free and Reduced lunch kids and arranging sack lunches for them for the 7th grade field trip!

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Upcoming Events

Friday, 2/5 - pep rally - run pep rally schedule

Cotillion Night #1 - 6:30 - SAC

Monday, 2/8 - GHS Counselors talk to the 8th grade during LA

7th/8th grade girls' BB vs. HMS @ away

Mustang Nation - for 8th graders at GHS 6:30

Tuesday, 2/9 - Math Benchmark - run alternate schedule

Staff meeting - 3:30

Cheer parent meeting - 6:30 LH

7th/8th grade boys' BB vs. Coppell North @ away

Wednesday, 2/10 - Lisa out - LEAD 2021

Playbill One Act Play clinic - GHS

Thursday, 2/11 - Reading benchmark - run alternate schedule

Friday, 2/12 - First Club day 1:03

Cotillion #2 - 6:30 SAC

Monday, 2/15 - Professional Learning day - we begin at 8:00 in library. A light breakfast will be served at 7:45. Water will be provided.

Tuesday, 2/16 - 6th/7th grade parent information meeting - 8:00 a.m. - library (repeat of 2/4)

7th graders with counselors - in library - during science classes

CEC Meeting - 3:30 library

Set up for Expo - 4:00 p.m. - SAC, lecture hall, AVID room, black gym, library

District Expo - 5:30 - 9:00 p.m.

7th/8th grade boys' basketball games vs. HMS @ away

Wednesday, 2/17 - Lisa out - LEAD 2021

6th graders with counselors - in library - during science classes

7th grade AVID field trip to UNT

Thursday, 2/18 - 8th grade Scoliosis screening - during science classes

PTA sponsored dessert bar - lunch time in the lounge

6th/7th grade parent information meeting - (Repeat of 2/4 and 2/16) - 4:00 p.m. library

ASPIRE parent information night (Future and current ASPIRE students) - 6:30 p.m.

Friday, 2/19 - 5th Graders over for Fine Arts visit - 9:00 - 11:00

Club day #2 - Wolf Time

Cotillion #3 - SAC 6:30

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Happy Birthday!



Baby Krause is due!

What will it be-- a boy or girl?? We can't wait!