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Year of Abundance Interview: February 21 [In your Inbox]

Do you constantly wonder what is holding you back from reaching your money goals?

You're ready to do things differently this year and finally get control of your money so it can be your BIG breakthrough

YES I'm ready to control of my money so it can multiply in 2013!

Join me (Sonaya Williams) for a video interview with Emily Zillig, of Emily is a speaker, money relationship expert, and creator of The Mind, Body, and Spirit of Money System. Emily has worked with small business owners, the government, and analyzed multi-million dollar budgets. Discover her fascinating view on how money affects your EVERYTHING. She also shares the one money system that allows you to take back control today!!

You will also discover:

  • Why stressing out about money is a trap - and how to escape (for good!)
  • How to find - and plug - leaks that are silently oozing money from your bank account
  • The simple system you can start using today to take back control (find hidden money!)

Don't miss your BIG money breakthrough on FEB 21!

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February Year of Abundance Expert Speaker

Emily Zillig, Money Relationship Expert

Emily is a speaker, money relationship mentor, and creator of the Mind, Body, and Spirit of Money System™. Since 1999 Emily has helped governments, businesses, and everyday people build a new relationship with money. From analyzing multi-million dollar budgets to helping drug addicts who couldn’t pay rent (but could find $100k per year for drugs), Emily has been fascinated with how our mindset, emotions, and experiences affect how we make, save, and spend money--and our overall happiness. Combining her budget analyst training, her experience helping large and small businesses become profitable, and the lessons from digging out after her own ego-crushing financial breakdown, Emily’s passion is helping her clients go from stressed, anxious, and unsure, to calm, confident, and happy--with their money, and their lives.

Year of Abundance Expert Host

Sonaya Williams, Chief Business Builder

Sonaya is a Business Consultant on a mission to equip service professionals with technology to make their business day easier, systems that deliver a memorable customer experience, and support so you can create success on your own terms . She streamlines the way you do business with simply and easy tools.

Her clients range from solo-prenuers to franchise owners that are ready up their game and have a bigger impact on the world, without sacrificing their time. Sonaya's clients value both their work and life outside of their business with family and friends. They are committed and ready to learn new ways to improve their business.

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