The Lion's Tail

September 30, 2016

Duck pals: A girl and her duck

I Continue To Challenge You...

I really enjoy listening to, being a part of, sharing, telling, and hearing about wonderful and humorous stories about life! This story is a favorite and I thought it would be great to share with all of you not because there is some hidden message that I see regarding education. This story is just simply a heart warming story about the quirks of human nature and the bonds between humans and animals.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I hope it makes you smile. I also hope that you have a wonderful weekend doing what makes you happy and celebrating how you celebrate with those that mean the most to you. After all, that is what life is really about, isn't it?!

Think. Achieve. Succeed

Shout Out To...

  • Melissa Palmer, for always being so flexible, patient, kind, and supportive of her students no matter the situation! Your professionalism and dedication doesn't go unappreciated or unnoticed! Love, The Inhabitants of Room 21
  • Ms. Lane, our math coach. She helped our fourth grade class with rounding and goal setting. The whole group and small group lessons were amazing on so many levels. We were especially impressed with her ability to write upside down. You rock Ms. Lane! (Ms. Sanders Class)
  • Everyone for your support at dismissal on Thursday afternoon. Due to the busses being late coming from COX High School we had several students still here well after dismissal. Thank you for your patience as we worked hard to get students home safely.
  • The Sunshine Team for the awesome Friday treats! What a great surprise this morning!
  • Linda AbiJaoudi for continuing to move her schedule and be an another pair of eyes on mine to make make sure our students are getting everything they need! (Leslie Gulak)
  • Sarah Wosczyna and Sarah Manuel for being so patient and flexible this month with all the schedule changes. I really appreciate it! (Leslie Gulak)
  • Susanne Fay for sharing many of your books with me. (Sarah Woscyzna)
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A Few Reminders or Things You Need to Know...

  • Students entering the cafeteria must be walked in and to the lunch line before the staff member leaves.

  • Learning plans must be visible on a teacher's desk or on the table in the small group area. Instruction has had to be stopped to ask for learning plans.

  • Starting on Monday, the new Keurig machine will be set up in the cafeteria for your morning hot beverages. Please bring your own pods and mugs. The cafeteria will fill the Keurig with water, but all who use it will need to monitor the water level.

  • Please turn in your PTA room parent info. Sharon has returned the original sign in sheets to you. Please send the names of the room parent to Cheri before Friday,

  • If you have not yet joined the Sunshine Committee, please consider joining today!

  • Progress reports will go out to ALL students via email. Tammy will be sending out more details regarding progress reports. Watch your email.

  • Starting on Monday, Cheri will send out a morning email to let staff members know when specialists (that affect classroom instruction) are away from the building.

  • Please utilize your red folder when sending students to the office.

  • If you know of any parents who would like to volunteer in the Art Room please send them to Mrs. Burr! She is in need of reliable help! Thank you, Mrs. Burr

  • Sharon is working on compiling a list of email addresses for each of you for the parents of students in your class.

  • October 24th is now a full day. Arden will be putting out information on how we will be tracking the make up hours.

  • Please review the "2016-17 OPT OUT STUDENTS" list below. This list documents students that are not allowed to be photographed or displayed via social media .

Fill up the "Proud of My Selfie" wall! Can we reach 35 total selfies by next Friday?

Upcoming Events...

  • September 30th - DRAs done and entered in to SYNERGY for grades 1 - 5
  • October 3rd - SCA officer installation (during the morning announcements)
  • October 4th - Tropical Smoothie night, Green Team Oyster Friends club meeting, Room 24
  • October 5th - SRI window opens for grades 3-5
  • October 5th - Leadership Team meeting, library (3:00 p.m.), Good News Club begins, cafe
  • October 6th - 4th grade IPT testing, 8:30 a.m., PTA BOARD meeting 6:00 p.m.
  • October 7th - Discover ED TechBook representative to visit, schedule forthcoming
  • October 8th - First Grade Chrysler Hall ESI SAPLINGS trip, selected students
  • October 10th - Professional Development Day, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, LIBRARY (in lieu of staff meeting this week)
  • October 11th - Progress Reports issued to ALL students, Green Team Garden club meeting, Room 24
  • October 12th - 5th grade gifted screening - changes to 3rd and 5th PE and collaboration
  • October 13th - Host a military service member for Fleet Week, Amy Grant
    • The original schedule has been changed to add more military members. Amy will be developing the schedule to accommodate these changes.
  • October 14th - Goal Setting and Formative options DUE in TALENT ED
  • October 17th - STEM-A-THON, 5th grade, VB READS starts, 1st grade, MARLIN READS starts, 2nd grade
  • October 18th - Kindergarten field trip to Taylor Farm
  • October 19th - Security Assistant Day, Action Team meetings, 3:00 p.m.
  • October 20th - 4th grade field trip to the Planetarium
  • October 21st - SIP meeting, 8:30 - 9:45 a.m., PTA Trunk or Treat
  • October 24th - FULL SCHOOL DAY - MAKE UP DAY
  • October 25th - Curriculum Connection Night
  • October 26th - PAC meeting, library (3:00 p.m.)
  • October 28th - Achieve 3000 rep here
  • October 31st - HALLOWEEN
  • Lit Bits in The Lion's Tail

    Virginia Beach Reading Council

    Would you like an opportunity to become part of a great professional organization?

    VSRA/VBRC is a professional organization of educators and interested individuals actively engaged in the development of literacy throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.


    1. Support and disseminate knowledge of best practices in literacy instruction
    2. Support and disseminate literacy research
    3. Foster interaction on literacy issues through collaboration, networking and partnerships
    4. Advocate for policies and legislation that advances literacy
    5. Provide quality professional development opportunities in the area of literacy education
    6. Promote lifelong literacy habits

    In addition, our Reading Teacher of the Year is a member of this fabulous organization!

    Sign up today. Go to:

    The "I MAKE A DIFFERENCE" Award is presented to...

    Denise Thornton. This year is Mrs. Thornton’s first year at Shelton Park as our Reading Specialist. She comes to our school with a vision of continuing to help students grow to their fullest potential in reading and writing. She is also committed to support and coach teachers to achieve goals they have set for themselves and their children. Mrs. Thornton has an amazing gift for contributing innovative ideas and strategies in developing an effective literacy program, not only for our school, but across the entire Virginia Beach School System. Enthusiastic, hardworking, and energetic is how I would describe this special reading teacher. Her love for reading is evident by her style of presentation, willingness to share knowledge, and devotion to children’s literacy…and she’s FUN! I have truly valued her encouragement and support.

    It is my pleasure to present Mrs. Thornton with the “I Make a Difference” award.