Improving Quality of Life For Those With Cancer

About The Head Strong Foundation

The HEADstrong Foundation is committed to being a resource for blood cancer patients and their families. Dedicated to assist them navigate the harrowing ordeal of cancer by sharing our experience, lending guidance and providing essential services with emphasis placed on sustaining and improving quality of life during the process.

Get Involved!

The Headstrong Foundation has youth lacrosse programs available to young athletes of all ages. Every summer, their teams go to several tournaments around the country to play lacrosse and raise awareness for the foundation. However, you don't have to play on a team to show support for the cause. Something as simple as a small donation will help the foundation on its way to raising money and awareness.
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Contact HF

232 Green Ave
Holmes, PA 19043
O: 610-461-5987
F: 484-494-3965

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