Juwan's PortFolio

English 9 PIneda - Spring 2015

1. Journal Reflection

I believe that my best journal is when i wrote about the mysteries about the galaxy because i think it was unique how i came up with the question and scientist believe that their are thousands mysteries about the galaxy.

2. Short Essay

A Sound Of Thunder- I would not like to go back in the past because if you change something in the past the you then you change something in the future and that changes the timeline of the future.

3. Short Essay

Romeo and Juliet- I think love is stronger than hate because the more you love somebody the less you hate them and the closer you get to that person then your love will grow stronger and you will learn more about that person then they know about their self.

Semester Reflection

Dear Juwan, i think you applied your self to this semester about 50% because you keep playing in your class. The Favorite thing you did this semester is when you surprised your teacher by passing your test.Your least favorite thing you did this semester is when you watched someone getbullied and you didnt do anything about it i think you shold ofstood up for him.Your favorite project was the Romeo and Juliet project because you had fun playing as characters from the book.