Hebron Hawks Counselor Update

January 2022

Spring Semester Schedule Change Requests are Closed

Counselors are only conducting schedule changes for the following reasons: missing a class, scheduled into a class you already passed, or senior who still needs a class for graduation.

Virtual Learning Academy Courses Begin on January 11th

VLA courses will start on Tuesday. Watch your LISD student school email for more information.

Dual Credit Courses Begin on January 18th

Dual credit students should stay tuned to their Collin email and Collin Canvas accounts for updates from their professors.

Updated 2022-23 Course Registration Timeline

We will begin to provide information related to course selection during Advisory over the next few weeks. This information will include suggestions about planning for next year, how to read/understand a transcript, accessing information to help learn about classes, and more.

Updated: With the district adjusting programming due to the rise in COVID cases, we have made some adjustments to our course selection timeline. We use the following web site as our main hub of information for the course selection process: https://www.lisd.net/Page/10404

As documents are finalized, presentations are delivered, and updates are posted we will place everything here. Please refer to it throughout this process. Please note these changes are new as of today, January 14, 2022. Please see below for the most important dates related to this process…

January 10: Advisory lesson re Course Selection—10 Things to Consider for Course Selection (presentation link here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-JohKR2AzzwuLx4A9kvfztk0QkQEdbwt/view?usp=sharing)

January 11: Advisory lesson re Resources for Course Selection (presentation link here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1fklcw7as75ghHSvT_i-Pxfj7MPvRB-Lf2p_1_S_4H8g/edit?usp=sharing)

January 19: Parent Course Selection Presentations—HHS Counselors will host two different presentations at 6pm via WebEx. One meeting will be for current 9th graders attending HHS next year (Class of 2025). A separate meeting will be held concurrently at 6pm via WebEx for current 10th and 11th graders (Class of 2023 and 2024). These meetings will be recorded and posted to the Course Selection Information page for those who cannot attend the live presentation. Links to the meetings are listed below…

Meeting for Current 9th Graders (Class of 2025 attending HHS next year)—1/19/2022 at 6pm

Join from the meeting link: https://lewisvilleisd.webex.com/lewisvilleisd/j.php?MTID=m5849af991ebaa27fff13b5098daccb18

Join by meeting number: Meeting number (access code): 2624 386 4770

Meeting password: hawks

Tap to join from a mobile device (attendees only)

+1-415-655-0003,,26243864770## US Toll

Join by phone

+1-415-655-0003 US Toll

Global call-in numbers

Join from a video system or application

Dial 26243864770@lewisvilleisd.webex.com

You can also dial and enter your meeting number.

Meeting for Current 10th and 11th Graders (Class of 2023 and 2024)—1/19/2022 at 6pm

Join from the meeting link: https://lewisvilleisd.webex.com/lewisvilleisd/j.php?MTID=m8378e1e924b951a7ca5309bc9732319d

Join by meeting number: Meeting number (access code): 2621 930 7823

Meeting password: hawks

Tap to join from a mobile device (attendees only)

+1-415-655-0003,,26219307823## US Toll

Join by phone

+1-415-655-0003 US Toll

Global call-in numbers

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Dial 26219307823@lewisvilleisd.webex.com

You can also dial and enter your meeting number.

January 20: Advanced Academic/CTE Presentation (12pm, WebEx)—HHS Counselors will host a WebEx presentation to help parents understand the differences between Honors, AP, and Dual Credit options as well as TECC/Career Technology Education courses as a way to prepare for learning after high school. This presentation will be recorded and posted for people who cannot attend to review. A meeting link is listed below.

Meeting for Advanced Academic and CTE Presentation—1/20/2022 at 12pm

Join from the meeting link: https://lewisvilleisd.webex.com/lewisvilleisd/j.php?MTID=md4acebebcf51735602ff45892c837c62

Join by meeting number: Meeting number (access code): 2620 750 5710

Meeting password: Hawks

Tap to join from a mobile device (attendees only)

+1-415-655-0003,,26207505710## US Toll

Join by phone

+1-415-655-0003 US Toll

Global call-in numbers

Join from a video system or application

Dial 26207505710@lewisvilleisd.webex.com

You can also dial and enter your meeting number.

January 20: Advisory lesson re course selection TBD

January 21: Advisory lesson re course selection TBD

January 24: Advisory lesson re Course Selection Prep—Students will be given information to complete course planning materials so that they are ready to enter course requests into Skyward. They will be asked to draft course selections and alternate course choices on the following form: https://www.lisd.net/site/handlers/filedownload.ashx?moduleinstanceid=39920&dataid=58159&FileName=Registration%20Planning%20Sheet.pdf

January 25: Skyward Course Selection in Advisory—Students will be asked to enter course selections and alternate course choices into Skyward during advisory. They will be provided with an instructional video from the counseling department to help them. Students will have from January 25-January 30 to complete their course requests in Skyward.

February 1: VLA/TECC/DC Counselors visit during lunch at HHS

February 18: VLA/TECC Counselors visit during lunch at H9

February 21-March 11: HHS Counselors will meet individually with students to review course selections and to make corrections.

May: Course Verification will take place giving students one final opportunity to make changes to their course requests

Please Note: Students are encouraged to collaborate with teachers of Fall and Spring classes for insight and recommendations into classes for next year. We encourage you to take a look at the LISD Course Description Guide and the Junior/Senior Handbook as resources to help you plan. More information coming soon!

Interested in taking a class at one of our career centers? Watch these virtual tours to explore your options.

TECC-E Virtual Tour- https://youtu.be/FPLT26tjzK0

TECC-W Virtual Tour- https://youtu.be/UF8ynXfUyXU

Jan 26th College Fair Postponed: Will Update When Rescheduled

We have over 40 colleges and universities lined up to our attend our HHS College Fair at this year's Spring Open House. Be sure to attend so you can explore these post-grad opportunities.
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Reminder: FAFSA Completion for Seniors

The FAFSA application is now a graduation requirement for this year’s seniors due to House Bill 3. This application is needed to be eligible for the opportunity to receive lower costs associated with college and other scholarship opportunities. If you wish to opt out of the application, you may locate the opt out form in Skyward family access under Online Forms. Parents & students can both access the form if they would like to opt-out. More information: https://www.lisd.net/Page/27635

New Hebron Hawks Connects Newsletter

Please visit our Connects Newsletter for social emotional skills, tips, and ideas: https://sites.google.com/staff.lisd.net/11-12-21newsletter/home

HHS Counseling Department Updates

  • Almost 9,000 office visits to date for 21-22 school year

  • Almost 2,400 different students have had an office visit with their counselor

  • Past Events Hosted:

  1. Senior, Junior, & Sophomore Meetings

  2. Financial Aid Presentation

  3. FAFSA Completion Night for Senior Families

  4. PSAT, SAT, ASVAB, TSI School Test Days

  5. Classroom Guidance over College Preparation in AP English Classes

  6. Dual Credit Presentations

  7. Helping 17 National Merit Semifinalists Complete Scholarship Applications

  8. Recognizing 39 National Merit Commended Scholars, 23 College Board National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholars, and 10 College Board National African American Recognition Program Scholars

  9. GenTX Month Activities

  10. LovePacs Distributions

  11. Backpack Distributions

  12. Snack Pantry Distributions

  13. Angel Tree Distributions

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Helpful Links:

Hebron High School Counseling Page: https://www.lisd.net/domain/4426

Apply Texas College App Site: www.applytexas.org

Common App College App Site: www.commonapp.org

Common Black College App Site: https://commonblackcollegeapp.com

Coalition for College App Site: https://www.coalitionforcollegeaccess.org

College Board/SAT Registration Site: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/register

ACT Registration Site: http://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act.html

NCAA Eligibility Center: https://web3.ncaa.org/ecwr3/

How to Request a Transcript:


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