Counselor's Corner

February 2014

Is Spring Here Yet?

Generally, the months of January-March are the toughest to get through for educators because there are no holidays or long breaks to look forward to. However, this winter season proves to be a little different. I find myself crossing my fingers that school isn't canceled yet again.

Getting out of a routine can make teaching an especially difficult job. As you struggle to get back into the groove of going to work (once all of this snow melts), imagine how the students must feel. Like us, they are being shoved back into working 100% after spending hours upon hours of doing whatever they like. Be prepared to start from nearly zero again! As most students anxiously and some unwillingly return to your classroom, keep in mind the tips below.

Your Thoughts

Do you have some tried and true tips for helping students get back into routine? Share them with your fellow teachers!