Tobacco Use

Risk Factors and Lifestyle Choices to Lower Risks

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Risk Factors


-cancer (lung, oral, throat, kidney, bladder, etc.)


-headaches and dizziness

-dry and yellow skin

-increases heart rate and blood pressure

-less blood and oxygen to your muscle

-narrows blood vessels

-effects the reproductive system


-increases anxiety

-can become anxious, nervous, moody, and depressed


-spending money on buying cigarettes

-smokers need to go outside

Lifestyle Choices to Lower Risks

1. Set a good example

2. Understand the attraction.

3. Say no to teen smoking.

4. Appeal to your teen's vanity.

5. Do the math.

6. Expect peer pressure.

7. Take addiction seriously.

8. Predict the future.

9. Think beyond cigarettes.

10. Get involved.