All About Smore!

Information on the ups and downs of the website Smore!

Good Things About Smore!

~You can change the design of your Smore and pick a back round to go with the design.

~There are a variety of colors to change the color of the title back drop.

~You can put pictures ,videos, forms, text boxes, and audio clips into your Smore.

~When you first start you pick what you are making this presentation for and it will give you a format.

Bad Things About Smore!

~You can't change all of your words to a certain color, only your titles and subtitles.

~There are only 4 font and they only apply to the titles and subtitles.

~Some pictures you try and apply into your Smore won't go in so you have to drag it into the picture box.

~You have limits to what you use on this website but you can upgrade for money.


This website has ups and downs but it is fun to make along the way! This website could improve some more but I would suggest using it for a presentation!