Leonardo Da Vinci

By karina

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He was a painter, architect, inventor and a student of all things scientific.

what was his city, country of birth?

he was born on april 15,1452

died on may 2, 1519

Birthplace: Vinci, Italy

3 facts of Leonardo DA vinci

he's first name was Leonardo Di ser piero de vinci .

Leonardo worked in Milan, Italy, from 1482 until 1499.

The Mona Lisa was painted was on 1503-1505/1507 it was the most famous painting in the world.

how did society change because of what this person accomplished?

he change the society by changing engineering Leonardo was valued as an engineer, still his invention were not devisable.

what he create or invent that created change or beauty of the other people?

he created things to change the society like he was a renaissance man and he invent a helicopter.