by: Cidnie Gardner

Discription & Cause~

Vitiligo is loss of pigment in the skin. Pigment is what gives us our eye, hair, and skin color. It is not known why this happens. Vitiligo usually affects African/African Americans. It is white, sometimes symmetrical patches of skins. Any area of the body can be affected.
Vitiligo is non-fatal.
It affects up to 2% of the population, and discoloration normally starts to appear in the 10-30 age range.

Beware of the Symptoms!~ Rapid loss of pigmentation

Vitiligo Facts~

~~ The initial loss of color can stop for a period of time then reoccur again.

~ Vitiligo usually appears on areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun

~~ Such as open areas of skin, armpits, previous sites of injuries, skin around moles and body openings.

~It is rare for pigment to return

~~ It can also cause loss of pigment in hair and eye lids.

Diagnosis and treatment~

Vitiligo can be diagnosed during a physical exam. And while there is no known treatment or cure for vitiligo, methods such as cosmetics, re-pigmentation via UV light therapy, cortecosteriods creams, pigmentation of unaffected skin, and skin grafting.

To prevent~ try to avoid access tanning


It wont affect your ability to live, its only discoloration of skin.



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