Morgan Hudson, James Cleveland, Carlos Vital, Jha'Farria

Defintion of Buchenwald

Buchenwald is a concentration camp built by prisoners by 1937. Buchenwald is also one of the largest camps. This camp housed political prisoners, Jews, & other targeted groups. In July 1937 it was called Konzentrationslager Ettersburg. On August 6TH 1937 it was changed to Konzentrationslager Buchenwald.

About Buchenwald

April 11, 1945 51 nationalities 22,000 inmates killed by soviets 13,000 died in the first three months. In winter of 1939 40 prisoners died a day from cold and starvation. In the summer of 1937 prisoners used their "free time" to transport large stones. Prisoners were tattooed, skinned, and beheaded. The heads were shrunken and taken as souvenirs. The skin was tanned and used for household items like lampshades. The population of the camp rapidly increased after Kristallnacht. In Novmember 1938 Jewish men between 16-60 were arrested and incarcerated. Many were released if they could leave Germany.