Buddhism and Hinduism

By: Jacob Witzel

Buddhism and Hinduism are very a like and different.But they have more different than a like. one was started by one man and the other has there gods


one man named Siddharha Gautama,he walk the earth around 563 BC. He saw people suffered. so wan he was 30 year old, he sent out to find the answer to human suffering. so he fasted and meditation. And one day he found the answers and from that point on he was know as the Buddha. Be sides Hinduism, Buddhism has the fore noble truths and the eight fold path. Buddhism is very different from Hinduism in many ways.


Hinduism is very different thing from Buddhism, in Hinduism has the caste system and they believe in three gods. The caste system is basted on your birth, wealth, and your occupation. Hinduism also has the Vedas. The Vedas are the oldest text in the world because they were made in 1000 BC

The same

Buddhism and Hinduism both believe in reincarnation. They both teach their religion. Buddhism and Hinduism both origination from India.
Buddhism and Hinduism are both still religion today. Buddhism and Hinduism are poplar religion today.
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The Buddha