Nazis and police state

The Nazi and police state were their to make sure everyone did as they were told or they had to pay the price. The Nazis police were taken over and controlled by Heinrich Himmler and the secret police, the Gestapo which would go around look and finding those who would be disobeying Hitler.

Children were taught to accept a set of believes to have hate toward Jews and not have any say. They made children believe this, by educaticating the school kids with only books of Hitler and how his in power and always right. On the other hand the adults were different , some worshiped Hitler but some did not support him.

In March 1933 on the election day nearly 17 million people either voted for the Nazis or the Nationalist and that's when Hitler had noticed the massive amount of those who did not support him, he felt they were very irritating and should be dealt with. Nazis then made a policy of cowing that fear became a threat for those who did not support Hitler.

Hitler's police state worked on a new rule that if you said anything there would be no harm given, if you had any doubts on the county is was safe to just keep it to yourself or have consequences.

In Germany the police were aloud to arrest anyone who they suspected are doing anything wrong. This gave the police power and rights, all police members had to write down list of names of people in their location who might be suspected of being "enemies of state", the list was then passed to the Gestapo. Gestapo were secrete police who had the power to do anything as they pleased, the leader of this group is Reinhard Heydrich. This man was also known to be one of the most powerful and scary man in the Nazi Germany.

Those who were either arrested by the Gestapo or police had less than three minutes to pack all there clothes ,goods and say there goodbyes. Once they had been arrested they were sent straight to the nearest cells and those in custody were told to sign a sort of form called "order for protective custody" also known as the "D.11". For those who sighed this agreed to go prison and those who didn't were beaten harshly or there signatures were forged. As soon as the D.11 form was filled out you were sent straight to concentration camp then the authorities' decided on how long you should stay there for depending on weather you have learnt your lesson or not.

The concentration camps were deliberately crewel.Before the 1939 , a few deaths happened inside the camps but they were never common. As those who had been inside told everyone hat it was not a place to be and not a place you wanted to go. This was a good idea to made sure everyone kept there opinions to themselves so they didn't have to end up in there. These concentration camps were only run by men and that made this a very violent environment.The hitting and beltings of room mates was very common, the 25 stroke was well known used tactic. At Buchenwald,480 man shared one water tap between each other for 15 minutes , any more than that would get 25 lashes, but if you were Jew they would give you 60 and this was a order from Hitler. Toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap wasn't ever used in concentration camp although 8000 prisoners were held there, drink , food was just enough but the Jews had half the amount than others and were practically staving.

Who were the people that had been arrested?

Anyone who was thought of being a threat to Hitler would be straight away arrested , just as those who made jokes about the Nazis party and about Hitler was eminently scented to death. The "work shy" workers were unemployed and were arrested , just as Hitler wanted it and were only offered to work at labour exchange. Bibelforschers had also been arrested this is because they believe in the bible and reject all he Nazi ideas and also didn't listen to the military service plans. If you had been either homosexual you were also arrested.