Jackson: Who Was He?

Valerie Roen period 4

Andrew Jackson's childhood

Andrew Jackson was born in 1767 in South Carolina. His family was in poverty after his father died. Jackson had a hot temper as a child and would start a fight. When he was 13 years old, Jackson joined the local militia against the British.

Jackson's Path to Presidency

Andrew Jackson decided to become a lawyer after the war. After much growth, Jackson was able to afford land and slaves to work on it. Jackson later entered politics in Tennessee. In 1824, Jackson ran for president against three other candidates. Andrew Jackson's supporters were made up of mostly common people. He had the most popularity votes and electoral votes, but not enough for a majority. Jackson's supporters joined to form the democratic party. The new party would help the ordinary people be heard. In the election of 1828, Jackson's supporters did everything positive that they could do to convince others to vote for Jackson. Jackson won with hopes of a common government following him

I believe Jackson was a hero

Jackson was a hero because he helped the common people be heard. He tried to shut down the Bank of the United States so that the rich were not preferred over the poor. Jackson also made treaties with the Indians so that there might be peace. Sadly, Jackson never followed those treaties and got rid of the Indians on his own decision.

Jackson's Work With Democracy

Jackson worked to make democracy more important in our lives. He listened to the common people more than any other president. He made sure that the banks didn't favor the rich over the poor. He helped the common people throughout his presidency.