turtles in the pacific ocean

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How pollution affects the organisms.

When people mine in the ocean, or when power plants run chemicals into the water, it affects the organisms in that area.

These toxic materials affect the organisms when consumed or absorbed into their skin/feathers/scales/whatever they have.

The effects of pollution into oceans commonly are:

  • behavior abnormalities
  • cancer
  • death
  • lesions
  • reproductive changes

Oil and foreign chemicals in the water aren't the only things that can kill the organisms. Trash and debris can also cause death to oceanic creatures. All those plastic bags, balloons, soda cans, and medicine bottles can and will eventually make their way into the oceans. It isn't that bad until a turtle or other fish come and eat them thinking they are their favorite food.

So all that trash you see in the not so Great Pacific garbage patch will kill thousands of ocean life every year.