OGES Media Center

October 2017

What's Happening in Media?

Please help us improve our library by visiting DonorsChoose.org to assist us in adding flexible seating.


Reading and collaborating are key elements in every student's education. By adding bean bag chairs to the school library, students are invited to find a comfortable and relaxing place to read. Bean bag chairs also allow groups to pull their seats together in any area of the room to collaborate and share ideas.

Bean bag chairs provide the flexible seating that allows students to read comfortably and collaborate in small groups while eliminating other instructional issues.

The comfort of the bean bag chairs will help to minimize fidgeting and distracting behaviors. The ease of moving the bean bag chairs will make forming collaborative groups quick and easy. The mobility of the bean bag chairs will also help students move away from distractions without losing their comfortable seating.

Media Center Events!

Fall Book Fair

Monday, Oct. 23rd, 8:30am to Tuesday, Oct. 31st, 3:30pm

5898 Hannover Drive

Frederick, MD

Mark your calendar for the Fall Book Fair! Click HERE for more information and volunteer sign ups!

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