Central Amusements Coney Island

One Employer, Limitless Possibilites

Joining the Central Amusements Team Offers:

  • The Opportunity to Work in New York City!
  • Work Located Next to the Ocean and Beach!
  • $8.00/hr. Paid Bi-Weekly!
  • 32-40 hours per week!
  • Discounted Meals!
  • The Opportunity to Secure a 2nd Job!
  • Work Outdoors in the Summer Weather!
  • Live in New York City, with a neverending list of nightlife, landmarks, events, festivals, museums, and things to do!

Several Positions to Choose From:

  • Operate Amusement Rides!
  • Run Games for Visitors!
  • Work as a Cashier for Food!

Get Out and Explore What New York and Coney Island Have to Offer!

Central Amusements is Located In New York City

Whether it's shopping, tours, seeing your favorite artist perform, historic monuments, or something else New York City has it.

Experience life, work, and travel in the biggest city in the Unite States!

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