Winter Break

Technology Tips

Quick Notes

  1. Tomorrow before you leave for the winter break, remember to shut your devices down and make sure they are locked up and secure.
  2. The BIG question: When are we getting our new teacher-laptops? Answer: Laptop Distribution has already begun, starting with elementary schools. Technology Services will inform each campus of its distribution date within a few weeks of its deployment.
  3. Now is a good time to back up the files you have saved on your laptop and staff drive. Google Drive can hold up to 30 GB of space. If you convert your files to "Google Docs format" to maximize storage space (Google Docs format does not count against your storage space).

Resources for Using Technology in Your Classroom- QR Code Quick links

YouTube EDU

Submit your YouTube channel to YouTube EDU to have your videos accessible to all students. Please remember, for your channel to be approved all of the videos on your channel must be educational and student appropriate.


Elizabeth Nelson

Instructional Technology Specialist