Betsy Ross

By: Alyssa Hawbaker

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Background Info

  • Birth Date: January 1, 1752 in Philadelphia, PA
  • Death Date: January 30, 1836 in Philadelphia, PA
  • Betsy was the eighth of 17 children, attended Quaker schools and learned sewing and other crafts common in her day
  • After completing school, got a job as a furniture maker and met John Ross at age 17
  • Since Betsy was a Quaker, marrying outside the religion as off-limits, but in 1772 they married. She was expelled from her house in Philadelphia
  • They both opened own furniture business, using Betsy's needlework skills

Betsy - The Flag Maker

American Flag 1776 made in Philadelphia

  • Betsy was known to have sewn flags during the Revolutionary War
  • Summer of 1776, and Ross received a visit from George Washington regarding a design regarding a design for a the new nation
  • The first flag was first brought to show by her grandson
  • No official documents was found to confirm that Ross was responsible
  • June 14, 1777, Congress officially adopted the flag

Why is Betsy Ross important in PA colonial time?

  • Ross created the first United States of America flag (Stars and Stripes Flag)
  • Made flag for the Revolutionary War