T.G McGee

By Kate Casio


Three major publications are The Southeast Asian City: a social geography of the primate cities of Southeast Asia, The Urbanization Process in The Third World, and Theatres of Accumulation : Studies in Asian and Latin American Urbanization. For many years he has been the Director of the Institute of Asian Research at the University of British Columbia. He also served as president of The Canadian Association of Geographers.
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McGee's model (Southeast Asian City Model)

Components of the central business district are clustered around the port zone. Western commercial zone for western business. The alien commercial zone is dominated by Chinese that have migrated from other parts of Asia that live above their stores. They are Chinese merchants. Also a mixed land zone contains various economic uses which include informal business. This model is similar to the Latin American model. This is used mostly by the medium sized cities in Southeast Asia. Also important to point out that the model does not explain why the town was formed but points out trends and patterns.

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