Rountree Report

September 4, 2015

Wow What a Week!

Is it finally Friday? It has been a busy week! Students are becoming comfortable in classrooms and are letting their personalities shine through. This is a very important time to make sure you are continuing with setting high expectations and consistently reviewing those important essential agreements. Frequent review of agreements, consistency with consequences, and established classroom routines are the keys to a successfully managed class.

Every student has a story! Our most challenging, struggling students are looking for someone to believe in them. They are so fortunate to have teachers like you that invest in their lives and truly care. Thank you for all that you give of yourselves to encourage our kids. Rountree is blessed to have you! ENJOY YOUR 3 DAY WEEKEND!


  1. Staff meetings--We will plan to have staff meetings on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. There may be times we will need to shift this based on availability of presenters and various other factors. There also may be months we do not need to meet twice. As was discussed at our back to school meeting, try to avoid planning other things for Tuesday afternoons. This month's and next month's staff meetings are on the calendar. Our first meeting will be a time to discuss and work on our building site indicators. On Tuesday, September 22nd we are hosting a Lexia training for the district. This will count as our 2nd staff meeting of the month. If you did not attend a previous Lexia training please plan to attend.
  2. T-shirts--It is time to order our shirts again. PTA is setting up ordering online this year. We will encourage all parents to order online. It is so much easier! However, we will have to make a paper order option available. Each grade level will have a different color this year. This will still make it easy to identify kids on field trips, etc. The color your grade level is assigned will be your color for several years. This will allow for students to donate their shirts back at the end of the year if they wish. The colors that are available are red, green, yellow, blue, and orange. Get with your grade level partner and email me which color your grade wants. Be flexible:)

The week at a glance below is a live link to the ishare calendar for your convenience.

*I will be out of the building for a brief finance meeting this afternoon.

Monday, September 7


Tuesday, September 8

Staff meeting 4-5

Wednesday, September 9

I will be out in the morning for a short time.

9:00-2:00 1st grade field trip

10:30 TNT

2:45 MSU ELI student presentations

I will be gone during dismissal to participate in mock interviews at Evangel. If we could get an extra hand or 2 to assist with dismissal that would be great.

Thursday, September 10

Nothing yet

Friday, September 11

Rhythm of Rountree begins

12:30 4th grade field trip

1:30 Speaker in the library