Picture this, one single man trying to make a difference some one how knows what is in there heart who fights with words and not with fist and that man name is Gandhi.
Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869. Gandhi's real name is Mohammad Kandahar Gandhi he was born in a house of government associates. His mother was a practitioner and his father was a chief minister,and when he was 19 he left home to study the law of London at the inner temple. When he was done studding the law on London he went back to Africa and saw and did not like how they were mistreated and unhappy and that's when he started to protest and part of the protest he was taken to jail and when he got out a another stand of protest was to wear a idiotic it was from the waste to the knees and after two years of protesting Gandhi was ascend he got stabbed in the heart and died the next day and that was Gandhi's story