Spring Creek News

WEEK OF MARCH 13th - 17th

  • Creek Classic
  • Winner - Chef Contest
  • 2nd Grade - Volcanoes
  • WATCH D.O.G.S.
  • PRE-K 2023-2024
  • NEW & REVISED 2023-2024 District Calendar
  • Yearbook
  • and more
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The school with the greatest participation will earn the Golden Shoe Award. You can participate in one of the runs or simply be a Couch Potato!! I have included the link below to help make it easier for you to register.


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Spring Break begins on Friday, March 10th with classes resuming on Monday, March 20th!
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Mrs. Whitson's Class

These second graders are learning all about changes to the earth's surface through hands on experience!!
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Click on the button below to go directly to the website to order your yearbook. If you have any questions please email Mrs. Glover at christenglover@dcsok.org
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Birthday Invitations & Parties

Please do not hand out party invitations unless every child in the class is invited. Birthday parties at school are not allowed. Please do not have gifts, flowers, or balloons delivered to your child, at school, for special occasions. Transportation will not allow any gifts, flowers, or balloons on the bus after school.

**BIRTHDAY SNACKS - must be store bought and a simple bite size snack. Please do not send any other birthday type items (candles, balloons, favors, hats, etc.) as this is just a snack to honor the birthday child. Snack items are not allowed on the bus per transportation rules.

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We would appreciate it if all of our families would fill out the above compact showing our shared responsibility and dedication to the academic success of our students.


“The Deer Creek School District has made arrangements to offer Student Accident Insurance for all students from K&K Insurance Group. We make this coverage available to parents for their children who are students enrolled in our schools. The Deer Creek School District does not provide insurance coverage or medical reimbursements to parents for injuries that occur during school, including those incurred during gym classes, recess, etc.

While this coverage is optional, it is important that you review the coverage options available to you and consider purchasing this coverage, especially if your family has health insurance with a high co-payment for doctor and emergency visits, or a high-deductible plan, etc. Go to the link below for the application and additional information.