Recycled Counter-tops

By: Meredith Scarborough

Definition of a recycled counter-top

Surfaces commonly used in the kitchen that are long lasting and low-impact, commonly made out of recycled paper, glass, plastic, and tree pulp.

Types of Recycled Counter-tops

Bio-glass: A recycled glass counter-top that has Cradle to Cradle certification. Made one hundred percent of glass that gives it ethereal and translucent appearance. Although it is not good for cutting. It costs between $85 to $115 per square foot. It can be found in many colors.

Recycled Paper: Also called Paperstone. It is FSC certified, and completely of recycled paper. Petroleum-free resign and contains no pigment. Its appearance is monolithic, and is a soft-stone. Paperstone is resistant up to 350 degrees. Costs about $18-$30 per square foot. It is very durable and is resistant to nicks and chips.

Plastic: Materials from landfills that are combined to make counter-tops. It is available in many different colors and patterns. It is very affordable that is long lasting, but it can burn or scratch easily.

Re-salvaged wood: Can be a wood from a barn or a building that has been torn down. It can be damaged by water or heat, but is a good option for an island. It can form a beautiful or rustic counter-top. It is a fairly priced, being half the price of granite.

Bio Glass Countertop

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Recycled Paper Countertops

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Recycled Plastic Countertops

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Salvaged Wood Counter-top

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