Boredom, accidents, and time!

Cell phones are everywhere!

Your phone could ruin your life!

Boredom is actually good for your brain, Isaac Newton figured out gravity while relaxing in his mother's garden, and watching an apple fall from a tree. Poor accidents happen like how Christina stepped into the crosswalk and was struck by a car. She later died in the hospital. Also your time is running out...the answer lies in how much time most of us are spending staring at screens. The average teenager spends more than 7 hours a day looking at screen.

Do you think digital distraction is a big issue for learners today?


Digital technology is a huge distraction for teenage learners today. Recently, I read an article in the Scope magazine about a young teenager named Christina. She was on her phone while walking by the side of the road. Sadly, she didn't notice the crosswalk light changed and because she was distracted by her phone, she was hit by a car. All because her attention was on that phone. Another example would be that a 14-year-old boy in Ohio was walking across a bridge then plummeted 8-feet into a rocky ditch. Though he didn't die he had sustained severe chest and shoulder injuries. All because his attention was on his phone. Digital distractions are anywhere at any time.

Sidney Davis 1st hour Reading with Mrs.Cook

How will this article change my cell phone use?

This article has made me realize that life is very precious, and don't waste it on your phone. Have boredom and explore something new! Don't waste your life on accidents like Christina. This will definitely change my cell phone use and what times I use it. this article has taught me that your brain is more important than your cell phone.