New Jersey Europeans arrival

by: Himansi

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New Jersey

Located in the east of America, New Jersey is a amazing place to live. NJ gives respect to all different countries, and to prove it we have the parades, the stores, and everything. We have all kinds of different restaurants to make cultures feel comfortable. NJ will be the perfect place for you to settle if you are new to america because of all the different cultures, you are sure to find a place you fit in. One reason you should come to NJ is because of the fact that it is the place where Thomas Edison made a discovery which changed the world. New Jersey has a good education system making it the perfect place to live in. So what are you waiting for? Move to New Jersey or at least visit it for vacation to see for yourself what I said is true!

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Lenape Farms

You are eating

these crops

which might

not grow any-

more if you

don't help

us out grow the


Dear owners of

longhouses, new

members keep

coming to our

families and we

can't make so

these houses

without you help.

please volunteer.


Learning First

Archery Boys

Admit your boys

in an archery

school and this

is the perfect one

Cooking classes

Get you girls in

cooking classes

as your boys get the meat.


Dear residents

we are having

a running

low on food

so we are


the trade

items on

both sides.

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