Dystopian Underground Newspaper

By: Matt McCoy and Ty Snowden

Dispose of properly when finished

Date: 11/07/1984
Address: Unknown
Volume - 1000
Issue - #1
Cost - $1.50

Beware of Telescreens

Telescreens are a propaganda tool used by the state ("Big Brother") to get into people's heads and control them. It also monitors everyone's actions and speech, completely controlling every aspect of human existence.Beware of telescreens they are everywhere and are used as a tool for big brother to help watch everything that you do.

The Truth Behind the Party and the Solution

In today's society mass survalience by various intellagnce networks exist and has been exposed and confirmed in recent times, nothing comes close to how the party operates and subjugates free will. Everyone knows how corrupt the party is but is afraid to stand up and rebel against the party and the members. That is why i propose

Citezen Accused of Thought crime

It was a peaceful quiet evening for the city of Oceania and there happens to be a young girl writing in her diary about a boy that she had a crush on. Suddenly she heard a knocking at the door, the girl scrambled to hide her diary as fast as she could but before she did the men at the door had already busted through and were already taking her in to custody. Then she was interrogated and vaporized for her crimes.

Daily two minutes of hate

Everyday us citizens of the great city of Oceania participate in this magnificent event called the daily two minutes of hate. Basically what happens is that we sit down in front of a telescreen and spit and criticize and yell at Goldstein and the brotherhood. They do this to get out all of their frustration towards him and the brother hood because they honor Big Brother so much.