Child Therasist

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Biographical Information:

Birthplace: Susquehanna, PA
Died: Aug.19,1990
Location of death: Cambridge, MA
Cause of death: Cancer-Leukemia
Remains: Buried, Mount Auburn Cemetry, Cambridge, MA

What was Skinner's major contribuation to Child Development Therory?

B. F. Skinner was one of the most influential of American psychologists. A radical behaviorist, he developed the theory of operant conditioning. Skinner believed that the only scientific approach to psychology was one that studied behaviors, not internal (subjective) mental processes. He denied the existence of a mind as a thing separate from the body, but he did not deny the existence of thoughts, which he regarded simply as private behaviors to be analyzed according to the same principle as publicly observed behaviors. His principles are still incorporated within treatments of phobias, addictive behaviors, and in the enhancement of classroom performance
Human Resources Strategy: Theory & Practice

When a childs actions have positive results,they will be repeated. Negative results will make actions stop.

Adams mother smiled and said, "Good boy," when he put away his toy car, so adam put away all of the rest of his toys, too.