7th Hour Socratic Seminar

Friday 11/14/2014

Pursuit of Happiness Socratic Seminar

Friday, Nov. 14th, 1:30pm

Room 414

Guiding Questions for Discussion

  • Are the ideals set forth in The Declaration of Independence attainable?
  • Do all have an equal opportunity to achieve these ideals?
  • How do those who face adversity fight to achieve these rights?
  • Have we, as a country, made progress in our attempt to achieve these rights for ALL?

Texts to be Discussed

  • “Letter From Birmingham Jail” – Martin Luther King, Jr. (1963)
  • Oscar Grant & Fruitvale Station (2008)
  • “Getting by with the minimum” – Robert McCoppin and Lolly Bowean (2014)

  • “Wait, Women Don’t Have Equal Rights in the United States?” – Tabby Biddle (2014)
  • HeForShe UN Speech – Emma Watson (2014)

7th Hour Class Norms

  1. Come prepared with materials read and questions ready.
  2. Focus on getting different ideas out there, not on debating or proving "right" and "wrong."
  3. Keep an appropriate tone of voice and attitude.
  4. Take equal turns talking and give each speaker a fair opportunity to share -- no interruptions, no hogging the conversation, and no side comments.
  5. Be mindful of how you respond to others - stay respectful even in disagreements.
  6. Pay attention to avoid awkward pauses.
  7. No matter what, be mature and respectful of others' opinions and comments.


Can't make it? You will be required to participate in a makeup Socratic Seminar. This will take place during ASAP on Tuesday 11/18 at 2:30 pm in the Library.