My report on renewable energy

My renewable energy is solar power

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is energy generated from natural resources such as: sun,wind,tides and many more. It also comes back very quickly. It is also usually a never ending supply.non-renewable energy is the opposite! It can run out,and it takes millions of years to form. That is what renewable energy and non renewable energy is.

Pics of solar panels

This is how it works

How solar pannels work

Solar pannels work cells use electricity to make electrons move.2. That makes elatrons move to other solar cells that just had an electron move.3. That creates electricity! P.s. A electron is electricity. A solar cell is a part of a solar pannel. That is how solar pannels convert light into electricity.

This is a solar farm


Some solar advantages are that it slows global warming. It does not pollute. It saves billions of dollars. It also increases jobs.ex: If you invest $1,000,000'in these jobs this is how many spots will open for people. 5 natural gas,7 coal, 12 smart grid, 13 wind, 14 solar power! As you can see solar power creates lots of jobs. These are some of the advantages of solar power.


Here are some of the disadvantages of using solar power. The sun does not shine 24hrs a day. It costs lots of money. Some places are cloudy and that could block the sun. It is made of toxic metals. It is inefficient. Ex: 40% of light is absorbed. 60% is not absorbed. Here are the disadvantages of using solar power.
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