Instructional Tech Talk

May 4, 2016

Support for Student Digital Citizenship

How do we help our students understand the responsibility that comes with access to technology? Common Sense Media has a website offering a wealth of information to support online safety and digital citizenship. But, it is much more than just that. The site provides reviews of digital material including apps, movies, and websites. There are free lesson plans, newsletters, posters, toolkits and professional development. Explore the links below and discover resources that can help your students safely navigate the online content their Chromebooks provide.

Common Sense Media:

Digital Passport to Teach the Basics of Online Life:

Common Sense Media - Digital Passport
The new outline tool works like a table of contents which makes it easier to move through a document. Once added, the tool appears along the left side of the document as you scroll through it.

Use the Tool:

  • Click "Tools"
  • Click "Document Outline"
Make the Outline:
  • Highlight the text you want in your outline and make it bold
  • Now it is displayed in the left panel

Make a Page Title:

  • Type your title at the top
  • Click the "Styles" menu button and select "Title"

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