Bill Gates: A Compassionate Person

By: Chelsea Antero

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Who is Bill Gates you may ask? Well he is an important person in History who made Microsoft. Born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington and is STILL ALIVE. When Bill was 13 his parents moved him to a school called Lakeside because he thought school to be boring and got in trouble a lot. They wanted him to start anew. When he moved to Lakeside he was introduced to computers where he developed his love of programming. As I child Bill looked up to this guy named Dr Henry Edward Roberts, an owner of an early personal computer. He inspired Bill Gates to found Microsoft. In high school Bill and Paul(his friend met in Lakeside) started selling programs to big companies. In 1975 he started his own business with Paul.

How Bill Gates Shows Compassion for Others

Bill Gates is sooo nice, he gives money to charity and he donated 28 billion dollars to is own charity. Bill Gates also pledged he would give 95% of his money to charity. He shows compassion to the world by helping kids grow up well educated, so that they could be like us. AREN’T WE COOL! He wants us to share that with all the other people who don’t have an education. You want that too right?! Bill showed compassion when giving money to fund the research for a cure and donating money to help organization helping people that are homeless or diseases. Bill Gates is so rich that his children inherit only $10 million each out of the $72 billion he has and the rest goes to charity. Millions of lives were saved because Bill gates donated so much money to vaccines and better healthcare.

Did You Know?

Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs, all of them had no college degree and yet they made a huge difference in the World. Even if Steve Jobs didn’t have one he is still very rich and compassionate. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were huge rivals they were always competing. Make sure you read this on an empty stomach and didn’t just go to the bathroom but Bill gates sponsors a machine that turns poop into drinking water. Which is just nasty but awesomely cool. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! Bill gates is the second Richest man in the world right now!

How Rich Is Bill Gates?