Math Picture Journal

Ideal Learning Environment for Primary/Junior Classrooms

Not all students learn in the same way. Creating an ideal learning environment for all students can be challenging. There are are some aspects that MOST students will benefit from. Of course, you may have to make adaptations for some students in the class based on their specific needs.
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Multi-step Problems that can be Accessed by ALL Students

When students are faced with multi-step problems that can be accessed by all learning styles and at all learning levels student engagement is often higher. Creating problems and activities that all students can show success in will help students gain pride in their math thinking and work.
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Print/Online Resources

The Effective Guides are a great resource for understanding and planning with the students best interest in mind. They provide educators with several student strategies, and examples that are often ready to use in the classroom as they are. The student activities also have additional challenges as well as parallel tasks.
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Displaying and Celebrating Student Work

It is important for students to be proud of the work they are doing in class. When real classroom tasks and examples (with pictures) are posted in the classroom students can see the hard work they have done. They are also able to refer back to their thinking when it is posted for them to see in the classroom.
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Manipulatives are Available and Organized

In the ideal classroom, students should have access to several kinds of manipulatives. Students should also have time to explore the manipulates in the classroom so they know what is available to them and how to use them appropriately.

Sara Cosco

Grade 4

Keewatin- Patricia District School Board

Sioux Mountain Public School