the best city in the universe


Madagascar is a wonderful city full of fun activities and enjoyable times. In Madagascar we have a five star hotel called Sunset Hotel. The hotel comes with special features like a cylinder shaped slide and a pool, and a beach with a ocean. Sunset Hotel also has a amazing camp ground that you can get cozy by the fire by and watch the stars from the rectangular pyramid hut. Sunset hotel also has fun things to do like a safari. In the safari there are rare animals that represent the figures of transformation. There also includes a water side restaurant made from a cube that has the best food around. The pink cone on top really stands out so you probably won't miss it. If you follow the perpendicular, parallel ,angled, and intersecting roads (Cherry Dr, Ava blvd, Rhode Island, Isabella ave, Falls st, and Concoo road) and the symmetry shape signs you can easily make your way around with any trouble. To get here look for a sphere shaped sun. See you tomorrow!