Changing a Chicken into a Dinosaur!

Chicken to Dinosaur?

Different ways scientist are changing a Chicken into a dinosaur

There are a few ways scientists are using chickens to make dinosaur, the main ones are using the beak and the chicken genetics to make a dinosaur. I will be taking about the two different ways they are changing the chicken into a dinosaur. The first one I will be talking about is how scientists are changing chicken's beak into a dinosaur snout. According to the Washington Post, first of all, chickens are the closest relative to a dinosaur, that is why scientist are using the chicken. The way they are changing the chickens into dinosaur snouts is manipulating the chicken cells so that it will become a dinosaur snout. Over time dinosaurs had snouts, but then beaks started to form, this is cause from a bone called pre maxillae, in the jaw, this is how the beak started to form. Also chickens produce large patches of proteins, which forms the beak, beak less animals don't produce these large patches of proteins. Scientist are saying that these proteins are just turned off, they aren't showing. According to LA Times, a paleontologist Jack Horner said that they are manipulating the genes so that it will turn into a dinosaur, he also states that these genes are turned off, and if we get it right we can turn a chicken into a dinosaur. Video, play from 7:30, to 8.

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