Area Tele-Mental Health Resources

Compiled by E. Gubitosa, PWCS Mental Health Specialist

Confidentiality Concerns and Parent Considerations

What platform is the therapist using to practice tele-counseling?

Note that Face Time, Skype, Whats App, etc., are not HIPAA compliant and therefore do not conform for confidentiality standards.

HIPAA compliant platforms include; Zoom, VSee, and and others.

  • The website will often state if the provider is using a HIPPA compliant platform.

Therapist Training

While VA does not require specific training in tele-counseling, the parent ought to consider asking the therapist if they have participated in training specific to tele-counseling.


Tele-counseling can be provided by any licensed provider who holds a VA state license.

It is encouraged that families pay attention to location of provider if they wish to eventually participate in in-person services.

  • Unless otherwise stated, providers listed here are within Prince William County.

Insurance Coverage

As stated in the articles linked above, insurance appears to be covering tele-counseling, however it is encouraged that parents still contact their health insurance to ensure tele-counseling is approved and if there are any restrictions.

Providers listed here accept various health insurances.


PLEASE NOTE: It is important to advise parents/guardians that PWCS in no way endorses or recommends provided resources, and anything given is for the convenience of the PWCS community. Parents and guardians are encouraged to contact their health insurance to ensure coverage.

Providers are listed are no in particular order.

Bilingual Spanish, French, Creole (all ages) Pre-Licensed Professional - Spanish Spanish - Woodbridge Psychological Assoc. (all ages) Spanish (all ages) Pre-Licensed Professional - Cantonese, Hokkien and Mandarin (age 14+) Spanish (11+) Spanish (13+) Spanish ages 14+; Office in Warrenton, VA Spanish & Korean - Agency accepts all ages Spanish, French, Italian, American Sign Language, and some African Languages. (all ages) Magellan Insurance Arabic- Mr. Majeed Abu Nimer LCSW 11+; Office in Alexandria, VA

Alice A. Jimenez, LLM, MA, LPC
Woodbridge, Virginia 22193
(703) 594-4392

French, Portuguese and Spanish ages 14+