Ms. Jessica Farromeque, M. Ed.

Bilingual Third Grade Teacher

Education and Experience / Educación y Experiencia

I have two Bachelor's degrees from Hunter College in New York. One in Psychology and the other in Sociology. I also have two Master's degrees from Long Island University. One is in biilingual education and the other in ESL education. I created and implemented a bilingual program in a school in Queens, New York and also in West Palm Beach, Florida. I have been a teacher for over 10 years. I love making learning fun and exciting for my students!!!!!

Obtuve dos bachilleratos (psicologia y sociologia) de Hunter College en New York. Tambien asisti y obtuve dos maestrias (educacion bilingue y ESL) de la Universidad de Long Island en New York. Yo fui responsable por la creacion e implementacion de un programa bilingue para una escuela en Queens, New York y otra en West Palm Beach, Florida. He sido maestra por mas de 10 anos. Me encanta que mis estudiantes se diviertan aprendiendo cosas nuevas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contact / Contato

Please feel free to contact me about your questions and concerns. E-mail is the best way to contact me. Thank you !!!!

Por favor, usar mi correo electronico como la forma mas eficaz de contactarse conmigo. Muchas gracias!!!!!