Coyote Chronicle

November 2019 Edition

Leader of the Pack

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Mullica Township Middle School PBIS recognizes the “LEADERS of the PACK” for

November 2019.

This month the character trait exemplified by these students was RESPONSIBILITY.

Join us in celebrating:

5th Grade

Nyla Summerset, Mason Horst, Dante Marchesani, Stephanie Olea Galeano, Kayla Horn

6th Grade

Brandon Rescigno, Haleigh Moore, Malanie Pagan, Thalia Walker, Aubrey Truax

7th Grade

Alayja Solomon, Valerie Fabian, Carley Thompson, Chase Betz, Hailey Groff

8th Grade

Leah Martin, Amber Klose, Giavana Torres, Nathan Martin

2019 Turkey Bowl

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The 2019 Mullica Turkey Bowl was an amazing day for all students. With the excitement of the game, Leader of the Pack recognition, and toasty hot chocolate, plenty of smiles filled the field. Congratulations to Mrs. Vanderhayden's Team Black Attack for taking home the 8th grade championship. They unfortunately fell short to the amazing Mullica Staff, as they continue with their undefeated record. Great Job to all.

-Mrs. Tomasello

Girls Cross Country Celebration

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The 2019 Girls' Cross Country team was honored at the BOE meeting on Wed., Nov. 20th. The team finished their season with a record of 7-1, co-champions of their division. The girls were presented with their new Cape Atlantic Girls XC Champion sweatshirts. Wear them proudly girls!

-Mr. Driscoll

8th Grade Science Fair

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The 8th Grade Science Fair wrapped up with its annual judging day. Judges from Stockton University spent a few hours with our students to determine the best projects. The judges decided on the top five overall projects. Next step will be a date at the Stockton tri-county Fair in March. The top five are pictured with their projects.

Hunters and Gatherers

Students in 6th grade Social Studies created paper baskets to simulate early man's hunt for food. Their engineering and problem solving skills led to incredibly strong baskets!

-Mrs. McClaren

Making Impacts!

This activity investigates the formation of craters. Students experimented how the size, angle, and speed of a meteorite's impact affect the properties of craters. This activity helped students more deeply understand the impact of space objects on Earth while having fun getting a little messy.

-Mr. Gerber

Shopping for the Best Deal!

Mrs. Coughlin and Mrs. Sheldon's 7th grade class participated in a unit rate review activity to choose the best price for different food items to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. The students worked in pairs to identify which store had the better sale by calculating the unit price per ounce or pound.

-Mrs. Coughlin and Mrs. Sheldon

TIEing Together the Origin of Religions

Religions have been around for thousands of years and understanding where, when, and why religion emerged can help put into perspective the importance of religion today and its longstanding traditions. Students were tasked with understanding the origin of religions and learning how to tie a tie.

-Mr. Gerber

Ancient Greece Review

Together in the Library Ms. Donio, Mrs. Magalong, and Mrs.Sheldon's classes played Kahoot and Quizlet Live review games in order to prepare for their Ancient Greece tests. Students were able to work on teams to study and compete!

-Ms. Donio, Mrs. Magalong, and Mrs. Sheldon

7th Grade Science

7th Graders finished up our unit on Heat and Matter. Students talked about thermal energy and how it effects the different phases of matter. They also practiced writing CER's to determine if the evidence was strong enough to support their claims. The students now believe they know, "Who burned down Cheryl's She- Shed," and practiced writing skills.

-Mrs. Bartling

Coyote Chorus Performs at the Historical Society

The Coyote Chorus performed for the annual holiday gathering at the Hilda Frame School. The event was well attended by friends, family, and community members. The Coyote Chorus is looking forward to their evening performance on December 5th!

-Ms. Ocheske

Teamwork at Stokes

Ms. Ocheske’s group started their Stokes trip with the confidence courses and teamwork challenges. All students from Folsom and Mullica did an awesome job.

-Ms. Ocheske

Teacher's Assistance

Students are starting to cash in their COYOTE CARDS for many of the rewards offered. Some of these students chose to be the teacher's assistant for 1/2 of the day while a few chose to spend 1/2 day with their favorite teacher! They are starting to realize that teaching isn't as easy as they think!

-Mrs. Pino

Student Physicals

Dr. Nurkiewicz was able to provide sport physicals to 30 student athletes for the upcoming winter sport season.

- Mrs. Goodrich

Lord of the Flies

Students performed a close reading of an excerpt from Lord of the Flies by William Golding. With their partner(s), students focused on how Golding developed the characters and themes in the novel as they participated in collaborative conversations and responded to the text in writing.

-Mrs. Vanderheyden and Mrs. Holte

Conaway's Coyotes

Miss Conaway's 5th graders enjoyed learning about the true roots of Thanksgiving on while working with partners on their Chromebooks.

-Miss. Conaway

Exploratory Intramural Sports

Mr. Newhall's class enjoyed playing flag football and basketball during their intramural sports exploratory period.

-Mr. Newhall


Understanding more about the Industrial Revolution helps students gain even more knowledge about all of the changes and innovations that accelerated the pace of change in the world. In this lesson, 8th grade BHP students built [successful] model steam engines.

-Mr. Gerber

Threshold Name Game

The Big History narrative progresses through a series of eight thresholds of increasing complexity. Thresholds are guideposts along the way—major plot points in the Big History narrative.This 5th grade BHP activity is all about learning the thresholds through a simple memory exercise.

-Mr. Gerber

5th Grade Science STEM

Building with imagination and fun.

-Mrs. Leonetti

Reading Buddies

Students in Miss Nowlan's class read to Mrs. Scarlett's elementary students.

-Miss Nowlan

Veteran's Day Letters

On Veteran's Day, students in Room 90 sent letters to different branches of military across the country to thank them for their service!

-Miss Nowlan

Annotation Presentations

To help guide our classmates to discover evidence to support their answers, students presented the annotations they created in Lord of the Flies. They displayed their annotations to the class while anyone not presenting located the evidence on their Study Sync programs and created the same annotations.

-Mr. Petetti

Student Lounge Grand Re-Opening

Classroom 46 has helped to revamp the Student Lounge as an incentive for hard work and positive behavior. It's also a fun place to model appropriate social skills.

-Mr. Hannel

Exploring the Kitchen

Mr. Hannel's Friday exploratory for Trimester 1 has been centered on teaching students their way around the kitchen. The instruction has been engaging, multi-disciplinary, and above all, full of practical life skills. It's also great to see students reaping the rewards of their hard work.

-Mr. Hannel

Middle School Yearbooks

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This school year will live forever in the pages of the yearbook. Help your student remember friends, classes, fun and more by purchasing a 2020 yearbook today! Middle School Yearbooks can be purchased using the following link:

-Miss. Conaway

8th Grade Yearbook Recognition Ads

Attention all proud 8th grade parents! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a custom ad for your 8th grader’s yearbook! Be sure to celebrate your 8th grader's journey with a yearbook ad. Yearbook ads are a great way to celebrate your child’s success and reflect on the person he or she has become. Last day to purchase and create an ad is 01/13/2020. Please use the following link to create a recognition ad for your 8th grader:

-Miss. Conaway

Mark Your Calendar

· December 2 - December 6 - Scholastic Book Fair - Library

· December 5 - Picture Makeup Day – Cafeteria

· December 5 – Winter Chorus Concert – Cafeteria - 6:30 pm

· December 6 - PTA Holiday Night – Cafeteria

· December 12 – Winter Band Concert – Cafeteria – 6:30 pm

· December 13 - Report Card Distribution - Trimester 1

· December 17, December 18, December 19 - Early Dismissal - Parent/Teacher Conferences

· December 20 - Early Dismissal - Staff In-Service

· December 21 - January 1 - Winter Break

· January 2 – PTA Designer Bag Bingo Ticket Sale Begins

· January 2 – Mullica Township Board of Education Meeting – Library – 7:00 pm

· January 8 – PTA Meeting – Library – 7:00 pm

· January 10 – PTA Family Movie Night - 5:30 pm

· January 16 – Administrative Detention – 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm

· January 28 – Progress Report Check – Interim 2