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Resources and Lesson Ideas

Student Forecast- Involved in weather!

Have your students get involved in the local weather! Let your students be Jr. Meteorologists and tell the forecast for the week. This would be a great engaging science activity! Check out the video below:

Place values and Numbers 11-19

Here is an idea from a teacher that teachers could use to teach a lesson over place values and numbers 11-19. Watch the video found on teaching below:

Beyond Fingers: Place Value & the Numbers 11-19

Attention- Getting signals

In the video below, there are some attention-getting signals that would be helpful for teachers who teach elementary students. They are fun ways to get the students attention.

Differentiating Instruction

Here's an idea of how to differentiate instruction when teaching math:

Differentiating Instruction Through Interactive Games (Tech2Learn Series)

Using Movement & Actions: The water cycle

Here is a video of a teacher teaching the water cycle by using movement so that the students will remember the steps:

Whole Brain Teaching: Water Cycle Lesson

Resources: Helpful sites


Megograph is an awesome site for teachers and, kids as well, to use when giving presentations. Just add photos, audio, and text! Pretty simple!

The Teaching Channel

The Teaching Channel is a great resource for teachers! It is a great place to find videos and ideas about lessons, behavior, and simple tips.


Pinterest is a site that is very beneficial for teachers. Teachers can get many ideas from other teachers. All you have to do is search, click, and pin!

Web 2.0: Cool tools for Schools

Web 2.0: Cool tools for Schools is a beyond awesome site for teachers to use for resources! This site gives you many many links to different sites to help you with several different tools you may want to use.