Survival Guide for Broome,Australia

Reggie Delaney

Australian Savannah

In Broome,Australia my plane has crashed. The climate is hot and humid in the summers and warm in the winters but, the climate is temperate. There aren't many land forms in Broome since it is a coastal place. Temperatures range from 93 to 57 degrees fahrenheit.

4 steps you might need to survive in Broome,Australia

1.Be careful of bush fires when you light a fire, put out the fire water.

2.Be prepared for the temperatures its not to cold but just in case you might want to be ready.

3.Do not try to harm the animals there you might set the balance of nature off.

4.If you go in the water stay close to the shore, the water is dangerous to go in.

Three animals that can be found at Broome,Australia

Animals that are at Broome include, wallabies, kangaroos, and dingoes. The dingoes could probably serve as a pet to keep you company, but the kangaroos and the wallabies probably would not. The dingoes would maybe bite and the kangaroos would kick, that could be the way they are dangerous however, they do not pose a threat until you step into their territory.

Three plants found in Broome,Australia

Plants that can be found in Broome,Australia include, the Jarrah tree, Kangaroo Paw, Cyas. These plants are not edible, the cyas plants leaves are pointy but they are not harmful unless the person walks into it not noticing it, the other plants are not harmful. The Jarrah tree may act as limber, but the other plants would not because they are to small and thin.