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Bennett Basil & Max Jung

About the Business

Sir Lawns-A-Lot® Lawncare Service specializes in giving you quality care for your outdoor space for a low price. We are quick in getting the job done so you can get to admiring your lawn as soon as possible. A growing problem in the North Shore area is overpaying for a landscaping service, but Sir Lawns-A-Lot® is special in that we are affordable.

Our Services

Sir Lawns-A-Lot® Lawncare Service offers a wide variety of care for your outdoor space, ranging from mowing and edging to raking leaves and snow-shoveling. Out goal is to give you the best quality care to ensure your satisfaction.
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About Us

Both Max Jung and Bennett Basil grew up in Wilmette, IL. They have grown up mowing lawns in their neighborhood, getting to know what the people of the North Shore expect for their lawncare. Bennett lives in a family of four with his small dog, Daisy, and Max lives in a family of four with his pet fish.


"Since we started using Sir Lawns-A-Lot® a couple of years ago I have seen a real difference in the appearance of our yard, greener thicker grass and very few weeds. After wasting a lot of time and money trying to do my own lawn maintenance I believe that Sir Lawns-A-Lot® is a very good value to our investment in our home. And we have recommended you to friend and neighbors. Thank You"

- Lisa Davidson, Wilmette IL

"We moved into this house in the winter, and when spring came, I knew that the lawn was in bad shape. It was neglected for years. You did a great job of bringing it back. I have nothing but praise for your company. You rock!"

- Gary Briggs, Kenilworth IL

"I have had another lawn service for 2yrs. before Sir Lawns-A-Lot®. After the first Sir Lawns-A-Lot® visit, I have seen results. It has now been 3 months - I don't know how the other company taking care my lawn, but evidently, it wasn't much. Just wanted say, keep up the good work - I'm totally satisfied."

- Linda Shirly, Skokie IL


1. Are we able to cancel a contract at any time?

YES. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with our service, you can fill out our form above to cancel us as quickly as you signed up.