Book Reflection

By Vincent Fuentes ;)

Summary Of The Book

The book I read, was The Journey Of Joshua Loper A Black Cowboy. This book takes place in the 1870’s, roughly seven years after the Emancipation Proclamation. During this story Joshua Loper is taken on his first cattle drive. A cattle drive is when a group of cowboys herd cattle from one place to the another. In this case Joshua and the six others that were hired took this herd of cattle to Kansas. Where the cattle was loaded on a train and was taken to east coast markets for sale. Alongside he way Joshua and the others encounter many bumps in the trail. Some of the many things they encountered were, sharecroppers, horse thieves, Native Americans and Buffalo Soldiers. I felt the author of this book created a interesting main character. The main character, Joshua Loper was very timid and shy in the beginning in person, but the way Joshua wrote he put so much emotion into his writing that it made the book that much more interesting. Although slow at times, overall this book was a well constructed story.

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The Civil Right Connections In This Book

I feel this book had many strong civil rights connections to what we are studying in class at the moment. This book takes place roughly 8 years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, and people were still adjusting to the law against slavery in the United States. And my point really comes through in a character in particular. He was called the Captain, and he was in charge of the whole cattle drive, but he did not take very fondly of Joshua and the other African American on the cattle drive named Doom. He treated Joshua and Doom like they were less important; for example he put them as drags on the trail. A Drag is the person in the back of the entire herd making sure none of the cattle try to stampede or run off, the Drag also has to put up with getting all the mud and dust in their face. Along the trail they crossed paths with a small group of Buffalo Soldiers. The Buffalo Soldiers were African soldiers, who were their own military unit. In this case the Buffalo Soldiers were patrolling the trails and keeping them safe for travelers and people moving. Buffalo Soldiers are made up of freed slaves and free African American men.
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What I Think About This Book

This book was a interesting read for me. I do not usually read books like this, but I am glad I did because it is filled with so much history that I have never heard of. I liked this book because it grabbed my attention because I've never heard of a book about a Black Cowboy and I was anxious to read it. I think the two main themes of this book were perseverance and courage. Perseverance, because the Cattle Drive Joshua took place in was a month long ride and he had to beat his way through the challenges the trail threw at him. I also think courage because he had to be a brave man to risk his life and knowing he could die any day on this trail. This book has comedy, drama, action and suspense and I do recommend reading this book.

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