All about me

True color

I'm orange. I'm always jumping into things that most of the time I probably shouldn't. I'm daring and brave or try to be at least.
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I have an interest in music and art. I play the Bass.

My Brain operation

Im right
  • be shown rather than told how to do a task.
  • Solve problems by looking at similarities and patterns.
  • Draw rather than write.
  • Physically handle objects.
  • Answer open-ended questions rather than multiple choice tests.
  • Discuss topics.
  • Assimilate whole chunks of information rather than break them down into discrete facts.

My personality type

I am out going and can never sit still. I can be in the worst mood ever and feel like my world is falling apart but if I see someone sad I still try to talk to them and see if there is any thing I can do. I love helping people I find the most joy in doing things for other people.


I do not think i am good at anything because I know that there will always be someone better than me so I try to not get my hopes up.


Most my friends are guys because I hate the drama that comes with the girls, but I do have a few girl Friends that are amazing
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I try to make people happy even when im not. I want to make my parents proud of me. I am trying to be a good christian girl that obeys god's commandments.