Anesthesia Lab

Don't "sleep" through this one! <(o.o<)


Background info

We had to figure out how much anesthesia we gave Aunt Elda. We had to use other solutions first, to find out where the anesthesia we used on Elda fell into the other percentages. We used colorimeters to find out that info. We would need to know the percentages of the other solutions to figure out Aunt Elda's first.

Pre-Lab Question!!

1. Tell me about an experience that you have had with anesthesia.

I've been to a dentist, in which he used some on my mouth.

2. What are characteristics (functions) of an anesthesia that are desirable.

One of the major things an anesthetic should be able to do is numb the patient.

3. What are the characteristics (function) of an anesthesia that are not desirable (dangerous).

It would not numb any pain, any may even cause pain.


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Lab Set Up

1. These are the solutions we were given. Each one has a different type of concentration,

2. The is the colorimeter that we used to determine how absorbent the solutions are. It is connected to a laptop that is graphing the absorbent numbers.

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We noticed that the solutions that were darker were more absorbent. They trapped the light inside, because there were particles that the light can be absorbed by.


1. Was the conecentration of anesthesia too strong?

Yes, because it was way too absorbent.

2. If yes, how did that cause her death?

Because there was way too much of the anesthesia, and the absorbency was too much.

3. How did Beer's Law help you solve the case?

It helped us determine how absorbent it was, and that also told us how much anesthesia was given to Aunt Elda.

Step by Step instructions for a Solution

1. You would first need two different particles that you would want to mix.

2. Then you would need a certain percentage to mix with another percentage. We will be doing 30% "green food coloring" and 60% water.

3. You will need a graduated cylinder.

4. Take the food coloring and pour in 3 mL. You will need to determine how much you need to do by which graduated cylinder you are using.

5. Then pour in the water until it is up to 10 mL.

6. Then you should have yourself a 30% green and 60% water solution.

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