Job Purposes

A vet treats a sick or injured animal. They do so by prescribing medicine, treating wounds, and even preforming surgery. A vet will study animals to determine the nature of diseases and injuries. They provide care to a wide range of animals or it can be more specific like horses or birds.

Other Job purposes.

Vets can do anything from treating an animal or trying to help it in any way to telling the public about diseases that can occur in an animal. A vet can use equipment such as ultrasounds on animals. They can collect a series of samples from body tissue to urine samples.


To become a vet you will need to have from six to eight years of post-secondary school in order to become a doctor of veterinary medicine. You can get into some programs in order to get you on track such as Pre-Veterinary Studies and Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Working Conditions

While this job deals mostly with just animals. It also has a lot of other things that would need to be done. You would have to do a lot of lifting and pulling. You made need a lot of protection gear and may get exposed to gaseous fumes. There are many things that you can get exposed to and everything needs to be done carefully. Noise levels are loud and can be distracting. You may have odd hours to work and will probably have overtime and even work weekends.

Pay Scale.

In North Carolina the average pay scale for and experienced Veterinarian can be upwards of $145,000 a year. Entry wage are only around $56,000.

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Personal Assessment

This occupation would be right for me because I am completely in love with animals and they always make me happy. I love getting a new dog or any new animal to my family.


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