Supreme Court Case

Jhanine Whitted & Maurice Boone

Tinker v. Des Moines (1969)

John and Mary Beth Tinker of des Moines, Lowa, wore black armbands to their public school as a symbol of protest against American involvement in the Vietnam war. when school authorities asked that the tinkers remove their armbands, they refused and were subsequently suspended the supreme court decided that the tinkers had the rights to wear the armbands, with justice Abe forte stating that no one expects students to " shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expressions at the schoolhouse gate"


"In the absence of a specific showing of constitutionally valid reason to regulate their speech, students are entitle to freedom of expression of their views"

Wallace v. jaffree (1985)

Wallace v Jaffree united states supreme court case deciding on the issue of silent school prayer. In 1981, the Alabama legislature modified a 1978, stature that had allowed a moment of silence for the purpose of "meditation". the 1981 amendment specified that the moment of silence was for the purpose of "meditation of prayer"
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Wisconsin v yoder (19721)

Wisconsin v Yoder they was members of the Amish church and respondent adin yutzy is a member of the Mennonite they compulsory attendance law because they did not enroll their kids in school. the court states that the first and fourteenth amendments prevent state from compelling cause their children to attend formal high school to age 16. the states had to arguments as to why their interest in education should power the Amish practices.