5th Grade English/ Language Arts

Stay involved with what we are doing in your child's class!


Edmodo is a website and app that is perfect for active learning on a kid-safe platform. This website and app makes it easy for me, as your student's teacher to share content, have dialogue while both in and out of the classroom, and get you, the guardian, involved without "over-sharing". Specifically, we use edmodo in the classroom to share ideas and have group conversations about new topics for writing. This way the whole class can collaborate for the pre-writing and drafting process. This website and app also makes it easier for me to give your student feedback on their writing samples and ideas.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a tool that allows users to work collaboratively on documents, slide shows, spread sheets, and forms. I will personally be using this tool in the classroom to provide students to work on projects all at the same time. Several students can work on a document or slide show at the same time, making sure one student does not do all the work. I can also look at students work and provide feedback along the way as needed. This tool is great because it allows my students to work on projects collaboratively both outside and inside the classroom.


Prezi is like PowerPoint but it allows users to be more creative and innovative with their work. I like Prezi because it uses a visually stimulation and moving canvas to spice up the regular classroom presentation. Prezi is easy enough for both students and teachers to use. The number of different Prezi presentations are endless and it encourages students and teachers to think outside of the box and find creative ways to highlight and use information. I use Prezis everyday in class to provide students with a creative and stimulating way to learn new content that I introduce to them. As the semester goes on, I will be allowing the students to create their own Prezis when working on projects.