We the People

Constitution Preamble

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Goals and Purposes of the Government

The United States Constitution has a Preamble that breaks down the goals and purposes of the government. In this flyer, we will give current examples for each goal.

Establish Justice

In America we send people who commit crimes to prisons to keep the streets safe. Also, we have fair trials in court to find out if someone is guilty or not.
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Domestic Tranquility

The people in America keep their communities peaceful by doing community services and making sure the neighborhoods are safe.

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Provide for the common defense

Our president and congress send military forces to places that are possible threats to our safety.
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Promote the general welfare

Our government provides section 8 for people who need help paying for their cost of living. Also, the government passed Obamacare to provide healthcare for people in need.
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Secure the blessings of liberty

The Bill of Rights and the Constitution give us our rights and freedoms.
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The Preamble was written in 1787 to establish the goals of our government. Times are very different now, but the government still abides by the goals of the Preamble.